Last month, as I looked at Facebook, I found this picture

(Talek Church worships while new building is under construction – Facebook post of Thomas Pesi)

This made me laugh, out of sheer joy.

Here’s the story:

Ten years ago, there was no church building existing here. Connection Pointe decided to engage here with medical trips, so I asked local Maasai church elders to oversee the year-round evangelistic aspects of this engagement. As I wrote three years ago (, things grew over time with Thomas Pesi as the lead evangelist. The church had not only put up a building but it also had planted a few other churches. Today, a new building is under construction and hundreds are coming. Many more churches have been planted. Thomas travels to speak as well as lead the Talek Church.

This is something to celebrate! His Truth is marching on and many are coming to Christ in East Africa. Happy New Year indeed.

Til next week,

A warm Christmas 2019 in Mexico. Muy bueno!