Over the last several weeks I have had the chance to interview people whom I consider to be “missional” – a fancy word for Christians who intentionally live out the Good News of Jesus in their behavior and conversations. They are all very committed.

These ten principles emerged:

  1. They are intentional and serious about their faith in Christ by regularly reading the Bible, praying, and fellowship.
  2. They all have taken next steps or know the next step to take. They have a plan.
  3. Their inner drive is matched with their spiritual journey.
  4. All who want to be missionaries already have a certain place on their heart put there by God.
  5. Many have mentors or participate in serious Christian community.
  6. Several have received personal invitations to serve.
  7. Missionaries already on the field have gone beyond using the word “sacrifice” to now say “opportunity” and “blessing.” They do not see their work in challenging places as a sacrifice.  Instead, they have said, “I get to see God do the impossible,” and “I’m depending more on God.”
  8. They all have courage.
  9. Most have overcome something in a struggle.
  10. Many emphasize relationships as their strength, yet a few do not. God uses both extroverts and introverts effectively and all have their place. Their common ground? They are missional and intentional about living for Jesus.

How many of these principles are in your life as a follower of Christ? This is not an exhaustive list. What else would you add?

Dan Crum, Global Impact Director









In 2016 we have teams going to Kenya, Swaziland, Turkey, India, Guatemala, Arizona, Chicago and the Balkans.

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CP teachers sharing with the class