Our vision at Connection Pointe is to connect people to Jesus and each other and that’s exactly what we are trying to do globally as well. In our efforts to reach the world we are focusing on specific communities to partner with. We believe that change best happens at the community level when people in the community are invested in the change. The partners that we work with are focused on doing things with the local community (as opposed to for them). Empowering people is the best way to create change regardless if you are breaking the cycle of poverty or planting churches. We want to empower the local believer to change their communities in the name of Christ. Our partnerships focus in two areas.

  • The Least Reached – Almost 3 billion people lack access to the gospel. Our vision is that all nations would be blessed in the name of Jesus through the church. Therefore we focus our partnerships on the least reached areas of the world.
  • The Poorest – Jesus clearly shares his heart for the poor through the Bible and we believe that we are called to help break the cycle of poverty and be part of caring for the poor.

By building partnerships in these two areas we know that we can be part of reaching and blessing all nations.We know that the biggest difference can be made by partnerships with communities where we can build relationships with community members. By investing in community leaders and members we can change the world in Jesus name one community at a time.