During our letter writing party we talked a lot about what our sponsored children need to hear. We watched videos of children (now adults) who had been through a sponsorship program. The number one thing that sponsors took away was that their letters mattered to kids. The kids know their sponsors by name and listen to what they say in their letters. If you don’t know where you start here are four things you could say to your sponsored child today!

  • That you love them and that God has big plan for their lives!
  • Tell them that you are praying for them and share how they can pray for you.
  • You are proud of them and they should continue to study hard.
  • Share what your life is like here in America. Don’t share material things, but share if your kids are playing sports, what they are studying in school, what your family does for fun and other things that will help your child connect with you!

If you are wondering if your letters make a difference the answer is YES! Take a few minutes to encourage your sponsored child by writing a letter today!

If you need some inspiration here are some pictures from our Letter Writing Party!