As we think about this past year, take time to be thankful for our global partners who have:

  • Been using the Bible translations they completed last year in Magahi (India) and Maco (Venezuela).
  • Built community relationships in Guatemala through water filters and stoves brought by Connection Pointe teams.
  • All children sponsored at the centers in Los Verdes, Guatemala and Njojane, Swaziland.
  • Witnessed explosive numerical growth in Indochina and India through disciple-making movements.
  • Learned the language and culture with excellence in Turkey and are beginning their strategic outreach.
  • Helped disadvantaged children receive a good education in Maasailand/Kenya and Navajo.
  • Carry out effective work and witness in uncertain environments of El Salvador and the Balkans.
  • Returned to Paraguay to continue 30+ years of leadership training and scripture translation.

Two more global opportunities are coming up this month on campus:

Nov 14/15 I will be preaching on Why Connection Pointe believes in World Missions. Come dressed internationally to brighten up our interactive weekend services; it can be as simple as a scarf, bright jewelry, world cup soccer jersey, or full outfit from India, Africa or Central/South America! Anything that demonstrates another part of the world as we recognize God’s global work and our part in it. This is the weekend we will also launch our mission trips for 2016, and opportunities will be available in the lobby to sponsor more children.

imagesThen for Thanksgiving, I encourage you to set a few extra places at your table to welcome international college students for this American holiday. Many international students never make it into American homes, leaving our media to describe it for them. If you can do this, follow the link below to sign up. Our family did this last year, and thoroughly enjoyed 4 young men from Saudi Arabia.

All of this has been occurring during our Unstoppable season of ministry.  What a privilege to participate where we are as God knits us into His global mosaic of bringing His Kingdom to earth.




Dan Crum is Connection Pointe’s Director of Global Impact. For more about Dan and Connie, read on here..