Our first day in Guatemala was nothing short of amazing. We were able to go into the homes of the some of the poorest families and install wood burning stoves.

These stoves are life changing for two reasons:

1) They have roof top vents, so the family does not have to breathe smoke every day while they cook.

2) These stoves burn hotter and with less wood than a normal open fire cooking area.




The other great part of this day was we were able to visit with the entire family. Normally, the father does not join in when the group does home visits — but since we were doing “construction,” the fathers were engaged.

Our installation teams had 6 people on them, allowing us extra time to visit the family members while installing the stoves. We heard so many wonderful stories and had the opportunity to pray with them.

Our efforts were warmly received and very much appreciated. They told us their next meals would be cooked with pride.


God has been very good and is using us.