Meet Char and Mitch….

I was going to feature them on Friday, but they need some prayer now so I decided not to wait!

Mitch and Char are missionaires in Swaziland and have played a key part in getting our parntership there.

About six weeks ago Mitch went into the hospital with stomach pain. During what was supposed to be a routine appendectomy they found a large tumor in his stomach (which was tested and is benign). They ended up removing around six inches of his colon in order to take out the tumor. A few days after this they discovered that his colon had been leaking into his stomach cavity and he was transported to South Africa for an emergency surgery to correct the leak. The hospital he is at now is very modern and updated, but he has had lot of complications from the surgery (mainly infections).

Last night he was struggling to breath and they discovered that he’s developing pneumonia again. They made the decision to intubate him for a few days in order to aggressively treat the infection. Char has assured everyone that this is not unusual and that they are hoping this will help Mitch’s body fight off the infection and heal more quickly. This whole thing has obviously been very hard on Mitch and Char, so I’m asking you to pray for a few very specific things:

  • Pray for complete healing for Mitch. Pray that his stomach heals completely and that his pneumonia is gone (and soon)!
  • Pray for encouragement for Mitch & Char. This has been a much longer process then either of them were anticipating.
  •  Pray for wisdom for the doctors. They have a few doctors on Mitch’s case now and are also consulting with doctors from the US.

We serve a God who is a healer so pray big prayers for Mitch! 

 Thanks for your prayers! I know they will appreciate it!