I’ve had the most amazing experience!

A few days ago I asked our care point teacher, Nomsa, the ages of her preschool students. She said they were five years old and will be moving onto first grade in October. I mentioned that I also teach five year old children, but they are in kindergarten. Her eyes widened and a huge smile spread across her face! She asked how long I have been teaching and if I would come early to the care point on Friday to teach with her. I felt truly honored and blessed to join her!

During the class we team-taught her lessons. Nomsa began and I chimed in with an extension or another way of teaching it. She was very excited for the new ideas, as I was too. I can’t wait to incorporate them into my classroom soon!

Even though our students are a world apart, they are all five year old children who are eager to learn and be loved.

My time in Swaziland has been wonderful and I will cherish it forever!