Update from Chuck Rapp…

Hello from Antananarivo, capital city of Madagascar.


It’s currently 2:00 AM and despite back-to-back overnight flights with little sleep, I’m presently wide awake. Oh, the joys of international travel, in this case 7 time zones.

To give a sense of the remoteness of our destination, today we have a three hour flight (Our son-in-law will meet us after today’s flight.) This flight is followed by a four hour drive over bumpy roads in a truck of sorts. Then, it’s another overnight with a 3:30 AM departure (due to tides) and a three hour, 20 mile boat ride (in a 20 foot boat) to reach Nosy Mitsio! “Are we almost there yet?” never felt so apt.

Why are we doing this seems like a logical question. It’s because of our love for our kids and grandkids.


Why are the Mayles doing what they’re doing? Because of their love for the Lord and the Antakarana people in response to His calling. Please look up the scripture in Romans about how shall they hear unless someone is sent. (Read Romans 10:14 here.)

Please pray for us and our crazy travels. More importantly, please pray for the Mayles and their AIM team and for receptivity to the Good News.

Now to try to get a couple more hours of sleep!