When I read Romans 2:17-29, Paul is telling the Jewish followers of Christ that they are not living believable lives. Born to Jewish parents and circumcised, they are relying on their Jewishness as the more important credential versus a heart that is right with God (see v 29).

When I read Acts 6, I see the characteristics of believable lives.

In the seven chosen to distribute food (v 3), they were well respected, full of the Spirit, full of wisdom.

 In the Twelve apostles (v 4), they were devoted to prayer and teaching the Word.

In Stephen (v 5, 8, 10, 15), he’s described as full of faith and the Holy Spirit, full of God’s grace and power that led to amazing signs and miracles, one who spoke in wisdom and the Spirit with a face as bright as an angel’s.

God built his church quickly (see v 7) and I see how. These leaders followed His leading through the Spirit, not their Jewishness, and what the masses saw were believable lives that had an appealing presence of God that drew them in. Respect. Wisdom. Grace. Power. What an attractive community!

As I look at God’s global church today, those are the characteristics that exist in the growing churches in Africa, the Americas, Europe, Asia and India. The leaders are living believable lives, making Jesus more than famous – He’s desirable.

If you are a follower of Christ, live a believable life that makes Jesus desirable.

Til next week, Dan