Our English camp ended yesterday. We were sad to say goodbye to the staff, university students, and campers we had gotten to know oh so well over the last week to week in a half.

On Friday, we did have what is called Decision day with our campers. Each of the tutors met with the campers in their group to see what they thought about a life with Christ. We had 12 to 13 campers accept Christ for the first time. We had a few campers that wanted to reaffirm their faith in Christ and grow deeper in their faith. We had a few more campers that decided to think about their decision more, but also wanted more information on Christ. There were some good conversations and each tutor learned more about each camper they talked to and how to pray for that camper.

The “beach team” of university students had a very productive week too. They saw at least 13 people come to Christ and shared the full gospel with over 80 people. They also have shared part of the gospel with many other people. These numbers only included Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday. They did not go out on Wednesday. They are going to continue to do their ministry until August 1st.

We left Macedonia yesterday and are now in Greece. We are going to a Biblical city of Philippi. We are excited to end our travel in a city where Paul had travel and see where Paul met Lydia.

Please continue to pray for us during our trip and that all of our flights home go as planned. As of right now, our flights have been confirmed so we are hopeful.