Recently, One Child Matters partnered with CPCC to celebrate our child sponsors in Swaziland. Families were able to write letters, make small crafts and take pictures to send to their child, taste a popular Swazi dessert and hear how they are impacting lives of children globally through sponsorship.

It’s not too late…you can still send something to your child! Sponsors interested in sending letters or small gifts to their child can do so with the mission team heading to Swaziland in June.
– Please limit any gifts to fitting inside a sealed quart-sized ziplock bag.
– Include your child’s name and ID number in permanent marker on the bag or on a piece of paper inside that’s clearly visible. Any additional bags for children without sponsors would be welcomed.
– Gift ideas include: stickers, writing or coloring utensils, hard candies, coloring pages, socks, knit hat or gloves (it’s winter when the team is there), barrettes, bookmarks, beef jerky, toiletries such as a wash cloth/soap or toothbrush/toothpaste, and small games or toys.
– Please avoid liquids or items that would melt.
Sealed bags may be dropped off throughout the month of May at the church office Monday-Thursday or at the I-Center.

Through sponsorship, prayer and letter writing, sponsors invest in the lives of children living in extreme poverty and communicate the message, “You are an important person!” We celebrate and thank all child sponsors for helping to make a global impact!

In addition to Swaziland, CPCC currently has child sponsor partnerships in Kenya and Guatemala. For more information, please contact

Swaziland Celebration Night: