Our team returned from Kenya last week, tired but satisfied. Remarkable trip with many stories I will write about in the future. For now, let me focus on the child sponsorship aspect of our trip.

Meet Jacinta. Enrolled in John Keshe’s program to provide disadvantaged girls a high school education, she is now a clinical officer (nurse practitioner level) at a health centre. Rescued from a marriage arrangement upon completing 8th grade, she spoke to the girls currently in this program to inspire them. She is a model of hope realized.


Below is Ashley Wise, with the girl she agreed to sponsor. Her name is Mantaine. This is the day they met, and when this girl left with her father that day, both were happy and smiling. “Ashley,” I said, “You just made her day!” And likely her life, judging by Jacinta.


Greg and Paula Moore met Resiota  on the same day. They agreed to sponsor her. Recently enrolled in the program in elementary school, she has a brighter future ahead because of Greg and Paula. Already, they have started a relationship of hope and certainty with her.


Connie and I met up with Augustine and his family in Nairobi. Augustine worked for us many years while we lived in Kenya. Our family supports all three of their children in school. Sylvia is in university and desires to work with the disadvantaged Turkana in norther Kenya when she graduates. Lona is in high school and wants to be an engineer. Boaz is in primary school. Our family is committed to this family for the long haul.


Two weekends ago, 75 more children found sponsors at our kiosks in the Connection Pointe lobby. All of these children are disadvantaged in some way, but now more hopeful because they will hear, “You have a sponsor.” I saw firsthand the reaction of Mantaine when she met her new sponsor Ashley. Pure JOY. That is happening all over the world now for these 75 children in India, Swaziland/eSwatini, Guatemala, Kenya, Navajo.



May 19 at 6:30 we will have a Child Sponsorship Community Night  in 102  at Connection Pointe. We have a tremendous program planned, including an update from Cinthya Brown on what her journey as a sponsored child in the country of Colombia has meant to her. She has growing vision for impacting children around the world. We currently have 80 registered for this night, with room for more. Register here and bring a friend. This is open to the community, too!

Our 1+1 goal is reachable. We currently have 675 children sponsored, needing 175 more to equal the number of children who attend Kid City on a weekend. You may sign up to sponsor a child the night of May 19. We are ready for you.

Next week, back to the global beatitude blessings in Matthew 5. How does God satisfy a hunger deeper than our stomachs, a thirst beyond our throats?

Til then,