The recent attack by Al-Shabab on Garissa University College in Kenya underscores the stress in many countries where our Connection Pointe ministry partners live and work every day. Giles and Alison Emery, John Keshe – these are three of our partners living in Kenya. They were not in Garissa when the attack took place, yet their lives have been affected. There is increased security wherever they go, even to the grocery store or to church. There is the lingering question of, “What will happen next?” as Al-Shabab has vowed to punish the country of Kenya as a whole for its involvement to combat terrorism. This is the kind of intangible stress that can chip away at the resilience and effectiveness of God’s Kingdom workers, especially if they are not living in their passport country where family, friends and familiarity can be counted on for support.


20130613-214850.jpgAs a church committed to care beyond our campus, Connection Pointe is working to organize a Global Care Team for each of our ministry partners supported by Global Impact. These teams will be led by volunteers and will meet regularly as determined by the group. The primary activities of these teams are:

  • Prayer for the global partner they are committed to.
  • Learn about them as individuals, families, about their ministries and the country where they reside.
  • Skype with them twice a year; more, if helpful to the global partner.
  • Communicate with the global partner, to build relationship and learn how to better support them.
  • Update them on Connection Pointe, so they know how things are at the church.
  • Send a few gifts at Christmas, birthdays, anniversaries, and honor requests for what they want sent when reasonable.
  • Be the primary point of contact at Connection Pointe when the ministry partner is in our area and can visit. This would include helping with logistics, housing, transport and having them meet with the Global Care Team for a meal, fellowship and prayer.


The Global Care Team Leader will be the team’s link between the partner on the field and the Global Impact Director to keep information flowing. The Global Impact Director and Coordinator will keep teams informed of changes and needs, so our partners on the field receive the kind of support and encouragement they need.


Here are the Global Care Teams that are ready to launch:

Guatemala – Jeff Lovell
Working with Los Verdes Learning Center staff and directors

Kenya/Nairobi – Don and Anita Dyck
Partnering with Giles & Alison Emery and those working with Madoya community and schools

Kenya/Maasai – Aaron and Amy Steffy
Working with John Keshe in Maasai communities helping disadvantaged girls

Turkey – Greg and Pam Hauswald
Partnering with CP family and Turkish believers

Paraguay – Don and Anita Dyck
Working with Bible translation team

Swaziland – Lee and Lisa Smith
Investing in kids’ lives and support of local church leaders via our Care Point


The last day was listening to what the teachers valued from our training. Great feedback .

Teachers working together…


We are seeking individuals or small groups to join a Global Care Team. Together we can better serve those who are serving far away.

It’s easy! Simply contact the Care Team Leader (links on names above) to join the team that most fits your particular interest.

We join with this happy girl in saying, “THANK YOU.”