Los ninos!

Today was our first day of VBS.  We packed our day’s supplies and were driven to the church / temporary Learning Center by Rut and Josh.  Rut’s friend and the regular teachers joined us to help with VBS and act as translators for our team.

Just before 9a, the first of 32 three- and four-year olds began to arrive.  We introduced ourselves with stickers, hand stamps, and a chatty hand puppet (“El Guapo”).  Just like in the CPCC kids’ area, there were a few kids missing their Mommy!

The kids are in the middle of a study of Obedience. We kept with the theme by spending our time today on Noah’s Ark.  We started with Josh telling Noah’s story, emphasizing his obedience to God.  Activities included playing with plastics animals, acting out animal movements, making an animal face mask, and frosting animal crackers.  Between planned activities, the kids kicked soccer balls and the team introduced jumping rope and pato-pato-ganzo (duck-duck-goose). The kids ate their provided meal before heading home.

We spent the afternoon with about 30 five- and six-year olds.  The planned activities were the same, but with fewer tears, longer attention spans, and more conversation.

We have fallen for these kids.  Meeting many in their homes before seeing them in school has given us perspective on their lives.  This evening Heather presented to us the opportunity for CPCC to sponsor the children.  The Learning Center provides a great opportunity for the children!  Yesterday, Rut described the community in which VisionTrust establish its first Learning Center: “There is nothing there … except miracles.”  We pray this community will also experience God’s miracles.