Wednesday, 01/23/13

With our team full strength, we dove into Day Three of VBS.  Today, we talked about the Great Catch.  Peter, James, and John had fished all night, with no success.  In the morning, while coming ashore, Jesus told them to row out for one more cast of the net.  The trusted and obeyed and could barely pull in their abundant haul of fish!

The kids caught paper fish with dowel rod fishing poles and paper clips, made beaded necklaces (which, importantly, will also serve as nametags), and played as kids play: running, chasing, kicking futbol.

We had a special treat in the morning: sweet Kimberly, a Learning Center student, turned three today, and her grandmother and parents brought in a piñata.  Many swings  to the chants of “Dale Dura! Dale Dura!” which means “hit it hard!”.   The 3- and 4- year olds swiped at it (no injuries) before the older kids finished it off.  Kids scrambled to the the floor and hoarded the dulces that fell.

We also prepared for a second birthday celebration, for Pastor Alfredo, whose birthday is also today.  When we see him tomorrow, we will get to present him with 60 birthday cards made by the kids!

Tonight was an “off” night.  We relaxed, read, journaled, and together did our nightly devotions and played cards.  We rest in preparation for a full day tomorrow, which will include evening worship with Alfredo’s church, for which we cannot wait!

Our group fits together so well, while each brings a unique perspective.  The team comes with a variety of skills: some experienced travelers (and some rookies), a couple competent Spanish speakers (Do you know what she said?), a pharmacist (Can I take this?), a teacher (MVP of VBS), and our secret weapons: brother and sister, ages 11 and 8. The kids have brought a great dynamic to the trip.  They make fast friends with Learning Center kids and those in the community.  The siblings participate in our devotions (and lead!), pray with the team, ask great questions to our Guatemalan friends, and bring another level of energy and joy to our team.