Friday, 01/25/13

Today was our “free day,” during which we visited Antigua, about and hour and a half drive.  Rut, Josh and VisionTrust teachers joined us for fellowship.

We started at the market, haggling for souvenirs.  The vendors must have really liked us, because most every one would tell us, “The price is 90Q … but just for you, 75Q!”

After a quick bite, half of our team set out on a bike tour, and the other half braved zip-lines (“canopies,” as the locals called them).  The bike ride was fantastic, 38 km on mountain bikes, during which we rode through villages surrounding Antigua.  We rode on pavement, cobblestones, dirt, and brick.  The zip-liners flew through seven sections, scraping tree-tops and seeing Antigua from a unique perspective!

We concluded the day with our farewell meal and a chance to say thank you and goodbye to the incredible VisionTrust Guatemala teachers.  We got to more deeply know the team and their passions for the kids in Cruz Blanca and Los Verdes.