Friday was our opportunity to share teaching with Delhi church leaders.  Our topic was “The Living God Is a Missionary God”; you’ll be able to hear Pastor Steve address this topic during week 1 of the Perspectives course which is coming to Connection Pointe beginning in mid-August.  Impressively to us, one of the session participants is already engaged in church planting in three Indian States which represents several distinct people groups.

Following our teaching session we were blessed to visit a literacy center in one of the many Delhi slums.  The children were quite friendly and warmed up quickly to the team.  One of the most touching scenes during this visit were the two or three children who – when they received cookies as a special treat – instead of consuming them quickly went over to their grandfathers on the edge of the crowd and shared what they had received with loved ones.  That’s a great analogy for what our partners at ASSI see when people receive the gospel; they quickly share it with others, especially family.

IMG_3920 (2) Kids at Delhi literacy center