Here’s your opportunity to be part of the first ever Global Impact trip to Guatemala! You’ll be on the front lines and will lay the foundation for our ministry in Guatemala that will have a lasting impact. We still have spots available so we are extending the application deadline until November 11. If you’re interested in being part of this trip, here is some more information on Guatemala, the ministry there, and what you’ll be doing…

First meet Josh, Mariella, and Rut…

Together these three lead the ministry in Guatemala. Josh & Rut are brother and sister. Their Dad escaped poverty because someone believed in him and now they are motivated to do the same for kids in Guatemala. They have been through a lot, but keep pushing forward to see more kids come to Christ and escape poverty through education, discipleship, food provisions, and health care. A partnership has been formed between them and Vision Trust (see more at Vision Trust is an amazing organization that partners American churches with nationals who are working on the ground, believing that together they can do more and be more effective than they are apart.

Next, find out about our community we are partnered with! 

This land is where they will break ground on the Learning Center next month. I’ll explain what a Learning Center is in a minute, but first want to give you an idea of what this community is like. There are actually two small communities right next to each other that we are going to be reaching out to. The first community is called The Greens, and the second community is called The Community (yes you heard that right). The Greens is where the Learning Center will be located, but both communities are in a lot of need.  As your drive down the mountain to The Community the road literally stops when you arrive. It’s almost as if they’ve been forgotten. A small school is there, but one was shut down due to lack of a teacher. They people live in poverty. Many have small coffee plants growing and some food in an attempt to provide for their family. The people are extremely warm and friendly, many smiled and waved as we took a guided tour with one of the mothers in The Community through her neighborhood. Brokenness exists in this place, people need to hope of Christ invade their lives, and their community.

What will  you be doing? 

This team has an amazing opportunity. AMAZING, because you get to be the first team on the ground to really serve and connect with our community. While there will be chances to help with the Learning Center construction you’ll have have a huge opportunity to throw a Community Block Party/VBS/or Sports Camp, depending on what kind of people make up the team. You’ll set the stage for the rest of our ministry there. You’ll be the hands and feet of Christ for the kid and parents you’ll meet.


Do I need to speak Spanish? Nope!

Do I need to have construction skills? No…it might be helpful, but not necessary

I want to go, but how will I raise the money? If money is the only thing holding you back, don’t let that stop you. One of the things that can help grow your faith Global Impact Trip is raising support and trusting God to provide through that process. We will also come along side you and help you through the process!

Find out the details and how to apply