I have a sense that this missions trip is going to be unlike any other I’ve been part of.  Each is unique; I’ve built buildings, prayer walked cities, distributed literature, taught lessons, totally embarrassed myself in a skit (what happens in Paraguay stays in Paraguay!) and even distributed medicines from a suitcase (really!  In Kenya).  But, on this one my primary role is learner / observer.  How has Asian Partners managed to see seven million converts and over 200,000 house churches planted in their 18 years of existence?  How did they train almost 28,000 leaders last year?  How did they accomplish all this is in an area of the world previously known as the “graveyard of missions”?

What can I and our team – what can Connection Pointe – learn from Asian Partners?  What principles can we learn, contextualize to Brownsburg, Indiana, and apply at Connection Pointe?

Follow our blog – virtually peer over our shoulders – as we set aside our “expertise” this week and sit at the feet of our Indian brothers and sisters.

–          Chuck Rapp, trip leaderTeam photo