After arriving safely on Saturday, our team was very excited to experience Easter in Guatemala. We woke up early Sunday morning to go into Guatemala City for morning Mass at one of the Catholic churches. About 75% of Guatemalans are Catholic, so it was a great opportunity for our team to experience the Guatemalan culture. Following Mass there was a large processional through the city. It was a beautiful sight to see! From there our team enjoyed a wonderful brunch along with some of the Vision Trust staff and their family.


Monday was our first day back at the Learning Center with our favorite ninos. This week we are focusing on miracles Jesus performed. Our team was able to act our the story of Jesus healing the blind man. Then the kids were broken up into groups and rotated stations of crafts, games and snacks.


A few of our teammates go into the community each day to install water filters. We go into the homes of the families of some of the kids from the Learning Center, install the water filter and get to know the family. It is always special when a team member gets to meet the family of the child they sponsor!

Monday evening we got to play soccer with some people of the community. It was a blast, but the Guatemalans did not take pity on us! For those who weren’t playing soccer, they got to hang out with members of the community, some of which are the kids from the Learning Center.

We continue to do VBS each day and will focus on Jesus other miracles: Jesus feed the 5,000, Jesus walks on water, and Jesus raises Lazarus from the dead. We are overjoyed getting to spend each day with the precious kids and their teachers. Their smiles and laughter fill our hearts!