Meet Josh, Mariela and Rut….

A few weeks ago we had the privilege of meeting these three on a vision trip to Guatemala. Together they lead a ministry to help children in Guatemala escape the cycle of poverty. Have you ever met people you instantly admired? Confession time…this does not happen with me very often. The people who I look up to are usually people with whom it takes me a while to build a relationship. Only after a fairly significant time has passed do I add them to my “admiration list.” Josh, Mariela and Rut were the exception to this rule. From the moment they picked us up, we all formed a special bond with them.

It was their positive attitudes and genuine hearts for what they are doing that drew us in. They shared the miracles that started the project and the trials they have had since its start. They shared their greatest joys and their biggest challenges. They openly showed us where they struggled and how we could partner with them in prayer. They were transparent and honest, and because of the way they shared their hearts, we can call them friends today.

 It is their experience, vision, and passion that started this ministry, but it is their leadership and hearts for children and Jesus that will keep it going. All around the world there are people like Josh, Mariela and Rut leading ministries in the name of Jesus.  Sometimes the people we need to admire aren’t only those on stage in our churches or leading our communities, but the people outside our country’s borders who are surrendered to Christ and changing their nation in his name. It is through them we can truly discover what it means to lead like Jesus.