This weekend our lobby will be filled with opportunities to sponsor children. Search out #1plus1cp to read a few people’s stories on how this has changed the lives of the sponsors and the children. 1+1 is the symbol we use for our goal to have one child sponsored in another culture for every child that attends Kid City on a weekend. You will find out this weekend where we stand in reaching that goal.

This weekend in our lobby you can pick up a card that lists our trips for 2019. We will update the website ongoing as details come together.

This weekend in our lobby you will have the chance to learn more about a conference the weekend before Thanksgiving that any Connection Pointe member is eligible to attend for free.

  • Held in Cincinnati this year, the International Conference on Missions (ICOM) will feature inspirational speakers and practical workshops.
  • I will serve on a panel for one of those workshops, related to church-based missionary care.
  • For a deep dive, watch the showing of The Insanity of God about the persecuted church in East Africa. Afterwards, hear from the authors of this story, Nik and Ruth Ripken, as they speak in workshops on their incredible story.

This weekend in all services I will share from God’s Word why He wants us involved in global work. I will interview one of our global partners on stage, and I’m confident he will leave you desirous to hear more. He will also be in our lobby after all services.

This weekend marks four years (actually, next weekend) since I started as Global Impact Director at Connection Pointe. It has been my privilege to develop our global involvement, and I thank the leadership at Connection Pointe for setting me up to succeed in what I was asked to do.

Our best days are ahead in regards to our part in God’s global work, and as it unfolds almost imperceptibly, we will come to realize that as Connection Pointe grows so does our responsibility in growing His global Church. They complement one another in ways only God fully understands.

Hope to see you this weekend. If you are not able to be on campus, watch our 11:15 livestream HERE.

Til next week, Dan