Three things stand out from this past weekend of Global Impact at Connection Pointe:

Our video at the end of each service with greetings from our global partners was an “aha moment” for many.  So many people sharing about Christ in so many part of the world, and we are involved with each one? Wow! We are more than involved. We are invested. Now that you have a name with a face, picture them in your mind when you pray for them. When they come to Connection Pointe, take the opportunity to come hear of their ministry.

Zach and Haley Baker’s story hit a sweet spot. A family with a long history at our church, they shared their ongoing journey of faith that will eventually take them back to the Balkans. They were real with us, drew us in. We were charmed. We met little Laynie, now part of this family’s journey.

Twelve people came to discuss missionary service.  All of them have this stirring within they want to discern, to see what God might be asking of them in another part of the world.  Connie and I will be meeting with them, starting another group soon, to bring them together for support and encouragement of one another as they seek God’s leading.

Redemptive Analogy is a term I hope you will remember. God created this world, and in spite of its decay and troubles, His presence remains in every country, in communities, in cultures. Be on the lookout for how you can redeem any situation or environment by recognizing God’s fingerprint already there. He waits to be discovered and known by everyone.

Til next week, Dan

Pictures from the weekend…