March 22, 2017

At the close of our services this past weekend there was a large group that gathered on stage for prayer. These people are using part of their spring break to go either to Roseland Daycare in Chicago to work alongside Ms Pearl, or to Guatemala on a student trip to hold VBS for the children sponsored by Connection Pointe people. Over the last few years, these two places have been the most visited of any of our Connection Pointe global partners.


There are several reasons we visit them so often.

First, it’s the relationship. We know them and they know us. We go there and they come here. We love them and they love us. Second, things are happening at each place. Both have new and improved facilities over the last few years, and our church has been critical in providing resources. Both have fruit from their ministry, and interestingly both have been noticed and respected by local government. Personal lives are being touched, as are the local neighborhoods that border these properties. Third, many lives in our church have been touched by Ms Pearl, Rut and Mariela in Guatemala, and the children who come to the learning center at Los Verdes.

This just in!
Hear a message from Mariela to Connection Pointe on the impact sponsoring a child can make.  After watching this short video you will have a greater understanding of the kind of impact our student team will be having all next week. 
Take a look here.

I believe the future is bright for both of these ministries, and we will continue our multiple visits to both of them. Those who go on these trips raise their own funds, which is not easy. If you would like to help those going this week or later in the year you can make your donations here.

We will post things from the teams as we hear from them. We believe God will use them, changing lives in Chicago, Guatemala and among those who go. Remember to pray for them while they are away.

Remember to pray for Ms Pearl, Rut and Mariela and the Vision Trust staff at Los Verdes; it is a big responsibility to host so many people. Pray that our teams encourage and refresh them, too.

Til next week,



Pictures from recent trips…



Jeff and Laura Guzzi, trip leaders, with the children in Guatemala

Roseland Day Care…