Jan 18, 2017

I’m writing this on our last night in Indochina. We arrive home Wednesday. Our hearts are full.

We prayed over local believers in four different venues. These times were a privilege, very
powerful and new in experiences. Those we prayed over were so thankful.

We did prayer walks in three different cities.

We prayed over restaurant meals, which led to one young woman coming up to the table and
connecting with the three believers eating with us. Very sweet to see those two women exchange
phone numbers. They need each other!

In this limited access country I learned how important it is to have good relationships with
local government. Acts of charity gain favor of the local officials that allow the believers to
meet. After one of our meetings, two local officials joined us for lunch. After the prayer for
the meal, one of the officials gave the thumbs up and served me! Not what I expected, but it
demonstrates the value of good relationships. This church has helped the community before and
it shows.

Missionary Hearts
I met several people who want to be missionaries. I did not expect this at all! They used the
word freely, as it is their heart to go to another region of the country and tell the Good
News. As I told of my time in Africa as a missionary, these people came up to me and wanted to
talk. One woman just wanted to stand by me for awhile! I was so moved by their zeal. They do
not want to cocoon. They want to go. These are all new heroes of mine.

Small Gatherings
Many churches are small, meeting quietly in small venues. Being with them in these settings has
encouraged the local believers. They don’t get many visitors. They treated us as honored guests
and fed us well!

Though the gatherings are small, the number of gatherings is growing quickly; now in the

I would love to show pictures of our partners and key leaders, but they need to remain
confidential for their own security. They are bold in person and in their communities,
revealing themselves as needed. That is their job, not ours. The pictures we post take this
into account. Remember to pray for them as they live in a society that contains many fears.

We will set a date soon to share more details about our trip with anyone who wants to learn
more. We will show pictures and have stories that inspire you.

Til Next Week… Dan



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