April 12, 2017

Last night was our monthly meeting of the Global Impact Team. This group provides a united heartbeat for what our church does to engage globally and cross-culturally. As we finished our meeting last night, we took time to pray over the items written about last week in Global Notes. Even though we had the printed needs in front of everyone, we heard each person pray beyond the page. They all knew something extra because they had been in touch with our partners recently. It was a peek into their hearts as they prayed for:

Pastor Sam’s encouragement in Swaziland

Lori’s visit to Paraguay

Bruce E’s changing strategy in South America

Victor’s revised vision for 100 million believers in India, because 30 million is too small of a goal (!)

Charlie getting to live his dream and play on a kid’s soccer team in Turkey

Alison and the depth she is going to in her Bible study leadership with Kenyan women

Guatemala staff and the growing vision to meet needs of the kids growing up

Mountain Mission School in Grundy, VA, where opportunities abound to meet needs for the 50 staff and 230 kids

Connection Pointe people know the Global Impact Staff at Connection Pointe – Teresa and me. But you may not know the Global Impact Team of high capacity volunteers that handle a lot of work because of their passion for God’s work around the world. On behalf of Teresa and myself, we honor those people. We could not do what we do as a church around the world without you.

Chris and Cinthya Brown

Harvey and Yasmin Cline

Connie Crum

Don and Anita Dyck

Craig and Carolyn Hanson

Greg and Pam Hauswald

Randee Heath

Jeff Lovell

Chuck Rapp

Lee and Lisa Smith


Til next week,