Feb 22, 2017

I’ve been asked several times recently how Connie and I are doing with our adjustment back to the USA, after living in East Africa 26 years. Coming up on the anniversary of our return, here’s a few thoughts.

Three years ago, this happened…..

I was just learning how to use my 99-cent phone and thought it was cool to take this kind of picture. (Doesn’t everybody do this now?) Giles Emery taught me at lunch later that day how to hit a button so I didn’t have to take a “blind shot”.  Connie and I are on our second phones now, using technology more comfortably.

Dan and Giles

Two years ago, I was in Guatemala on the student trip. I’ve traveled to several of our partner fields and learned about their work on their turf. I am much more knowledgeable about our global work as a church and finding my voice in providing the leadership to keep us faithful in our global ministry participation.

Dan with Guatemalan family, Blake Kaldahl and Caroline Guzzi

Last year Connie and I moved into our house. We had my parents and sister Vicki over for breakfast after church on Easter. That was the only time mom made it to our house. Both of my parents are gone now.

Last week Connie and I visited our daughter and her husband, joined by our son and his family. We enjoyed a picnic on a warm day. Many of our conversations were on topics listed above – technology, global ministry, home ownership, the loss of parents and the impact on us. These are very different conversations than we would have had with our children three years ago. I’m really enjoying being the head of a family of 11, seeing them more often.

How are we doing?  We are redefining normal and things are good. I think we function pretty well here. But deep down, we are still on a journey of returning. I’ve heard that for every four years of living out of country it takes one year to adjust upon moving back. That resonates with Connie and I. We are ok with the pace, as we still have some memories to savor and process from our long African chapter.


Thanks for asking.

Til next week,