June 28, 2017

“So I purged out everything foreign and assigned tasks to the priests and Levites, making certain that each knew his work.” (Nehemiah 13:30)

As the book of Nehemiah draws to a close, this is what we see Nehemiah focused on. He is confirming to the priests and Levites their specific roles so all of the Israelites can worship God as He had set out in the Law. As each of these worship leaders carried out their part faithfully, all God’s people now had the full opportunity to worship God.

Making certain that each knew his work. This has become one of my primary goals in ministry. As people follow up on their convictions (June 13 Post), often they need help discerning what this looks like. For example, we have several people from our church who have had their hearts stirred to go as missionaries to other parts of the world. As Connie and I have listened to each of these, we have been “making certain that each knew his/her work.” People are leaving this year for Europe, Central America and the Middle East. Next year, more Connection Pointe people are leaving for Europe. These are exciting times for us as a sending church!

Not only are people going, others are increasing their leadership involvement in bringing global missions to those who stay. I am releasing and empowering people to take the lead where they are capable and certain of their work, as they build our church’s understanding and exposure to God’s work in the world. For those whose hearts are stirred but need more clarity on next steps, I am spending time with them to bring them to a place of certainty so they know their work.

Global missions is growing at Connection Pointe because God is stirring hearts and people are responding. And when those people are made certain of what they need to do, they get on with the work – here and other parts of the world.

Til Next Week