June 7, 2017


Giles and Alison Emery in Kenya sent me this update a week ago:

God continues to bless the work of Missions of Hope International (MOHI), and we are humbled and thankful to be part of it! MOHI has a staff of more than 750 Kenyans, so our missionary team is very small in comparison. Our role is to come alongside the Kenyan staff so that they can flourish in their work. MOHI serves more than 14,000 children and families from the slums of Nairobi and rural Kenya by offering a quality Christian education, healthcare, discipleship in local churches, job skills training, and microfinance loans. There is much work to be done, and we are happy to help where we can and encourage and mentor the staff.

We’re excited to share some news from the department we both work in at MOHI— Information and Communications Technology. (Giles works on the IT side, and Alison works in Communications.) Since we joined the MOHI team, Giles has been working with the head of IT to bring technology into MOHI’s schools, both in the slums and rural Kenya. Most of MOHI’s 16 school centers in the slums are now connected to the internet, so Phase II has been designing and building computer labs for the students.

Thanks to the generous support of Connection Pointe and many of you, MOHI officially opened a new computer lab at one of its boarding schools in rural Kenya! Two weeks ago, we celebrated the ribbon-cutting ceremony with our Kenyan staff. The state-of-the-art lab can accommodate 60 workstations for 950 students in primary and high school. Thus far the lab has 20 new computers, and we are praying for 40 more to complete the lab. MOHI’s desire is to teach kids basic computer skills, with more advanced training for high school students who wish to pursue IT careers. IT is a growing field in Kenya, but most of these students haven’t worked on a computer before they graduate. MOHI’s head of IT didn’t even touch a computer until he was in university, so he wants to make sure these kids have access to computers at an earlier age to benefit them personally and professionally.


Would you be willing to take the next step and pray for our teams going out this month? They will visit our partners to encourage them and support the work they do. Follow the link HERE for a daily prayer guide from our Guatemala team leaving this Saturday.

Next week, we will have daily prayer guides for our teams going to Swaziland and Kenya.

Til next week, Dan