July 26, 2017

Yesterday, our staff had the opportunity to hear from three Connection Pointe members who are headed to other countries for cross-cultural ministry.

Ryan said he was praying for more workers in the Middle East and realized God was asking him to be an answer to that prayer.

Jenn said her time at Great Banquet stirred her heart to an all-out living-it-out faith. She sold her worldly possessions and quit her job to go to England for a 10-month practicum to determine her long-term next steps in ministry, wherever in the world that might be.

Neely went to Perspectives as a high school student, anticipating Bible study but receiving a vision for God’s global work. Her several trips to Guatemala since then have paved the way for her to spend this Fall teaching English at the learning center in Los Verdes. She too is in the midst of determining what longer term steps God is putting in front of her. (Note: A new Perspectives Class is starting August 8. There is still time for you to register, HERE.)

Ryan, Jenn and Neely have served in other capacities at Connection Pointe, and have been nourished in their faith journey in our church.

Their next steps are also our next steps as we send them to speak out about Christ’s love and live out His compassion and grace. As they go, they expand our participation as a church in other countries.

Others are in the pipeline, and we will send them when they are ready. Yesterday was just the beginning of this new wave.

It was a privilege for us as staff to pray over these workers after hearing from them, sending them out on behalf of the church. Please continue praying for these faithful servants.

Til next week, Dan