April 19, 2017

Lent is over. Christ is risen! The story continues in the book of Acts, which is where my Bible reading will take me next.

Some significant things happened during the spiritual spring-cleaning time of Lent.

  • Connie and I vacationed in St Croix with a good mix of sea, sleep and spiritual reflection on our three year mark of returning from Africa.
  • I answered a jury summons and learned a lot how our judicial system works.
  • I attended a Perspectives class to learn about the presentation I will give this Fall when it is held at Connection Pointe and three other central Indiana locations.
  • Chuck Rapp and I visited with Victor John and Randy Cole to be updated on the work in India.
  • Connie attended the Threshold prayer conference along with 5 others from our church
  • I learned of several urban ministry efforts in Indianapolis.
  • Teresa and I met staff of our new Swaziland child sponsorship organization, Children’s Cup.
  • Mission trips to Guatemala and Grundy, VA were very successful.
  • I saw Kenny G (thanks Greg and Pam!).
  • I began an in-depth mentoring relationship.
  • I paid my taxes. I bought a little truck.
  • I sent money to Africa for two sisters in school – one in elementary and one at university. Their father worked for us many years in Kenya and our children consider their family part of us. Our whole family is helping get these girls through school.
  • I lost a few pounds.

There are other things that happened but I think you get the picture. Life happened over Lent, and as Connie and I took time to read and pray our hearts took on a different tone because we were fasting from sweets. We were more disciplined with several areas of our lives. We plan to pray together more intentionally, a result of the prayer conference. Some new ideas came to me on how to improve our global partnerships. Mentoring is a growing interest of mine and I’m realizing I have so much to learn in that area.

When we take God seriously and actually do something about it, I find He rises to the challenge and shepherds us to a broader place of experiencing faith. I look forward to following up on what He has shown me from Lent this year.

Til next week,