If you haven’t had a chance to hear from our teams that just returned, I encourage you to ask at least one person about their experience. This is what I’ve learned so far.

Unplanned. Flight changes, lost luggage, team conflicts, daily schedules upended.

Unknowns. Local people moved (we weren’t told), local leaders changed (we weren’t asked), ministry was different (we made adjustments).

God moved. Homes were visited where trust was built, relationships bonded and prayer was offered. A Kenyan girl met an American age-mate and they discussed their futures. Teachers were trained. Gifts were given. Missionaries were encouraged. 900 children were encouraged by 45 Christians from another country. 900 children and their communities impacted 45 visitors.

Lives changed. Guatemala, Swaziland, Kenya, USA.

“If it doesn’t involve risk, it doesn’t exercise faith.” Mark Batterson

Til next week, Dan