May 3, 2017

This past weekend 50 more children found sponsors. These children all have families. This means 50 families in another country will receive the encouraging word soon that an unknown person/family is investing in their child’s future. What welcome news this will be!

The next practical step you can do as a new sponsor is to write your sponsored child and introduce yourselves. These children are curious to know who it is that cares enough to sponsor them.  In Guatemala, the term used for a sponsor is godmother or godfather. That’s a very special relationship! It adds a spiritual dimension, care, and sends the message “I want to know you.”

Below is a sample letter created by Cinthya Brown. This will help you get started. Take a few minutes to write and begin the relational aspect of your child sponsorship. Don’t remain unknown. You will be blessed and they will be thrilled! Children cherish their letters and keep them in their folders, in their bags, or proudly display them on their wall at home. God’s global kingdom takes on a new look as you and the child’s family discover one another and begin to learn how God works in each place.


Hello (name of the child),

How are you? I hope you and your family are doing well. How is the weather in your country? Does the weather change in your country? My country has different states and each state is different in its weather. My state has all 4 seasons. We are in the spring season, which means all the flowers, grass and leaves on the trees are growing. It’s so beautiful! It reminds me of God and how great his creation is, and how he makes us all new.

Do you have pets? I have 2 dogs. Their names are Cuyo (the male) and Princess (the female). They are so funny! They like to eat a lot of food, even things they are not supposed to like grass. I also have a fish. He is golden. When I look at him I feel like he is blowing me a kiss. It makes me feel happy.

How can I pray for you? I pray for you every day and think of you.

Numbers 6:24 – The Lord bless you and keep you

Note: Add pictures of your pets and love ones.

Take the time.  Enjoy the journey.
Til next week, Dan

Dan with Chris and Cinthya Brown