Post by Mary, Guatemala team member:
God’s love changes lives. The teachers at the learning center in Los Verdes are dearly loved and they know it. God has poured out His love into their hearts and they are loving the children who attend. Because the children know they are loved, they are open to instruction and respond in love. These beautiful children do not have to be told to give you a hug. They did not know our team, but sensed the love of God through our smiles and receiving arms and they were drawn to His love.

The children at the learning center are being loved through a hot lunch, a Bible story, singing, instruction, discipline and prayer, and they are growing in wisdom and stature and in favor with God and man. (Luke 2:52) These children know that they are loved and are learning to have hope for their future. Their lives are changing for good. When a school is based upon God’s love, it won’t fail and lives will be changed for eternity. God is love and love never fails.