The team leaves for Guatemala bright and early Saturday morning! Thanks for taking the time to pray for us while there. We will have very limited internet access, so we wanted to give you specific things to pray for us each day.

October 19, Day 1: Today is our traveling day. Please pray for safe and easy travel and that God protects our team from any anxious thoughts of leaving loved ones behind. Also, pray for relationships we will be forming over the next week in La Comunidad.

October 20, Day 2: We will be making home visits around the Los Verdes/La Comunidad area. Please pray that the Holy Spirit would guide our conversations. Also, pray for those families who welcome us and that we are able to spread the share the love of Jesus to those we comes into contact with. In the afternoon, we will be laying pavers for a parking area at the Learning Center as well as planting grass for a play area for the children.

October 21, Day 3: Today is day 1 of VBS with approximately 56 children at the Learning Center. Our topic for the week is kindness along with the verse from Isaiah 41:6. Pray that God will bless our encounters with the children and that love will flourish across language and cultural differences.

October 22, Day 4: Day 2 of VBS at the Learning Center. Later in the day, we will also be developing relationships with community members as they have already challenged our team to a soccer tournament. We ask for your prayers as we build trust and relationships….and that we are able to hold our own in soccer!

October 23, Day 5: Day 3 of VBS at the Learning Center. Lift us up to do all that we can to give encouragement and love to the staff and volunteers at the Learning Center. We know we would not be able to pull off the VBS activities so effectively if not for the staff and volunteers helping us with translating (though some of us are brushing up on our Spanish a bit). Pray that the three days have given the children a new appreciation for how God wants each of us to be kind and loving toward one another.

October 24, Day 6: Today is the community Fun Day in which we are providing something like a “field day” on the last day of school for the children. This is also our last day at the Learning Center. Pray that we all give every last drop of energy and enthusiasm to the kids and adults in the community. We also ask that today you pray for our families back home who are looking forward to our return.

October 25, Day 7: Today is a cultural day for our team. We will be visiting the city of Antigua to learn more about the history and people there. Pray that the Holy Spirit would guide our day and experiences.

October 26, Day 8: Pray for safe and easy travel as we head home today…and that we would be able to get some rest on the way! We look forward to seeing our friends and family very soon!

Thanks for your daily prayers during our trip! We really value and appreciate you and your support! ​​​In Christ, The Guatemala Team