Hello from beautiful Guatemala!

Our team has started off this week working hard, having fun, and learning so much about Guatemala. The team arrived safely on Saturday evening, then experienced home visits accompanied by some of the Care Pointe teachers to homes of students. Everyone was touched by the families’ hospitality and loved learning about their families, homes, and community. The team then started the construction project at the Care Pointe, building a concrete block wall to be the base of a fence line.

We’ve enjoyed getting to know the kids of the Care Pointe during VBS as well as the teachers and staff at the Care Pointe. The theme of our week is God’s Love. We’ve shared with the kids through stories, songs, and activities that God’s love is bigger than any other love we’ve experienced.

Our students have been wonderful this week. We’ve loved hearing what has been impactful for the students during their time here. The past few days have been great and we are excited for the days to come!