This is my first mission trip of any kind, so it is hard for me to collect my thoughts and assemble them into a coherent message.

After 3 days in Guatemala, it has become clear what my biggest takeaway so far has been: Love one another.

Why did I come on this trip? I wanted to build things and leave a lasting mark that way. Little did I know what kind of impact the people of Guatemala would have on me and my outlook on this trip. I sit here looking forward to tomorrow, not so I can build things (There are some team members much more skilled than me!), but so I can spend time with the children and their parents. I just want to be with them, because they are so amazing and full of God’s grace.

Today so many kids smiled at me, hugged me, high fived me and were just downright incredible. I thought I would feel more sadness on this trip because of their poor economic situations, but I only feel joy for these children and their parents, because they are created in God’s image and likeness.

Experiencing all of this lights a fire in me to serve. I realize now that I was called to Guatemala to love them, which is God’s greatest commandment.

-Brian Schmidt


Brain with his friend, Riveri