Want to know how you can pray for our team? Here is a day by day prayer guide!

Monday, April 1, Day 1: Pray for smooth (and safe) travels today. Once we arrive in Guatemala City, we will have the chance to visit the community (La Communidad) that we will be working in all week. Pray for our students as they will get their first experience with extreme poverty. Pray for our leaders and we help process this with them Monday evening.

Tuesday, April 2, Day 2: This will be our first full day in the community. Half of our group will be doing VBS and the other half will be working on constructing the Learning Center. Pray that today, amazing relationships begin to form between the kids, teachers, community leaders, and our team!

Wednesday, April 3, Day 3: As we begin to settle into a routine today, pray that God begins to grow and challenge the faith of the students on the trip. Pray for life changing conversations and that the Holy Spirit would guide those conversations today.

Thursday, April 4, Day 4: Today pray for energy for our team! After our VBS & Construction time we will get to go to church in the community in the evening. Pray for our students as they experience a very different church than they have ever experienced before.

Friday, April 5, Day 5: Today is our last day in La Communidad. Pray for our team as they say goodbye to the many people they have built relationships within the community. Pray for the La Communidad and Connection Pointe families as we continue to come together to make each other look more like Jesus.

Saturday, April 6, Day 6: Today we will spend a lot of time debriefing our time in Guatemala with our students. Pray again for clear conversations and that God would be working in the conversations they have with each other and with our leaders! Pray that we leave our the teachers and staff in Guatemala encouraged.

Sunday, April 7, Day 7: We leave Guatemala very early this morning! Pray for safe travel and patience with one another as I’m sure we will all be tired. Please continue to pray for our team as we process through what we’ve experienced and ask God how he wants us to respond!


The Guatemala Team