We are back safe and sound in Indy!

Our trip was so amazing. It was so great to see everyone grow and change throughout our trip. One of the highlights of our trip was when when had the chance to visit the Global Leadership Academy where leaders all over Africa come to be discipled, built up and sent out to be leaders all over Africa. During the few hours we spent with these leaders we all had the chance to share our stories and they got the chance to share their story. It was amazing to see the common threads we shared with each other and how God is creating stories of redemption both here and all over Africa. Each leader had a different story, but one of my favorites was a girl that had been at a Care Pointe in Swaziland and now was at GLA. I couldn’t help but think the one day kids of Njojane with be at GLA and will be the next leaders of Swaziland.

I know that our team members have been stretched and changed from our time in Swazi and that we have been the hands and feet of Jesus.

I’ll try to post more pictures, video and stories for our trip next week! Thanks for all your prayers…they were felt and used by God. We are so blessed and it has been amazing to bless others during our time in Swaziland!