One of my favorite things to do is talk to people about the stirring of their heart toward missions. Back in 2015, Connie and I started meeting with a small group of people who all felt this stirring, to serve overseas for one year or more. All who were in that first group of six reached the conclusion that was right for them. Two decided to remain in the USA, the others decided to make the move and serve long-term in overseas missions.

These six are heroes of mine because they faced this season of their faith journey with open hands, not knowing what the outcome would be. They successfully completed that long lesson on listening to God and are stronger disciples today because of it.

Below is a list of our current and future home-grown missionaries, some of whom were in this group of six. You will also see the year they started and where they serve. All of them consider us their sending church, and all are in our church budget.

  • Ryan / 2017 / Middle East
  • Jenn Newingham / 2018 / England
  • Eric Duey /  2018 / England
  • Neely McLoed / 2019 / Guatemala
  • Zach & Haley Baker / 2016/17, 2020 / Balkans
  • Robbie Brandkamp /  2020 / Greece

If you or your small group would like more information, or would like to have one of these global workers visit with you or your small group about their ministry, let me or Teresa know HERE. We would be glad to connect you.


One of the big topics in our world today is social justice. Next time I will share how we are involved globally to support those who need stronger advocacy.

Til then,