A few months ago I posted this blog..

Hope in the Midst of Heartbreak

This was Sandizo 4 months ago….


And this is Sandizo and his family now…


This little guy has been on my heart since I read his story so I was anxious to meet him and see how he was doing. Before I could even ask Stephen and Krista started talking about these three little boys and the progress they were making. Stephen and Krista brought them clean clothes, which they were wearing when we arrived. After spending the last two days with them we’ve got to interact with them a lot. The difference is striking. Sandizo, the youngest the three is actually interacting with people now. His blank stare has turned into a smile, he has gained a significant amount of weight and his is starting to interact more regularly with other kids. Krista and Stephen have also have gotten to talk to his mother about properly caring for her children. They received a bath today and their mom and the volunteers at the Care Pointe are starting to work together to take better care of her kids.

The difference is amazing and this is only one story of over 250 kids. Stephen and Krista ended their original blog with this, “In a few months, construction at Njojane will be complete. The church and CarePoint will be in full operation. Preschool classes, bible clubs, youth camps, and other programs will be birthed. The future is very bright for Njojane — the community, through Him and Him and alone, will have the opportunity to be taken from hurting to HOPE. This transformation is beginning, but witnessing the hurt is painful.”

This is happening because of the CPCC family. Tomorrow the first service at the church will happen. Pray that the hope of Jesus shines bright in Njojane!

Just an fyi…tomorrow is “chicken day” 30 live chicken to feed our 250 kids…things could get interesting! Be sure to check it out the blog tomrrow!

Please pray for tomorrow as it will be HUGE day for the Njojane community!