Shane Christopher is our guest blogger.  Here are some of his thoughts from our experiences Monday.

We were blessed to hear many church/community learning center leaders share their stories.  In this room were about twenty humble men who have together personally started 300 -400 home churches.  This does not account for the churches which have started from those churches. Overall there would be thousands of churches started from their acceptance to obey God.  Yet they remain humble.  The Holy Spirit is working great things in a city full of evil.

 I was ashamed at our Western mentality of “doing” church.  How can we be so arrogant to think we know what we are doing?  How can we honestly think we are here to teach them?  Maybe we need to each think back to our own humble beginnings and not stand on our pedestal of knowledge.  It is by faith, willingness and the Holy Spirit that things really happen, not us.
I am sure the last paragraph can hit many people hard.  Others would look at it as a bit crazy.  Honest reflection is good only if we are willing to change.  After my epiphany at this railway kids’ shelter we moved back to our hotel by rickshaw.  This was a fun opportunity to see from their eyes.
– Shane Christopher