Here’s an update and some ways you can pray for our partners in India!

Pray for the upcoming Conference: Purvanchal Shanti Mahotsav (PSM), Varanasi 1-3 November 2012

God has been faithful and kind in blessing the efforts of ASSI for the last 18 years in reaching out to the Bhojpuri in Uttar Pradesh, Bihar and beyond. This year in November 2012 we are privileged to host another gathering of the saints when we celebrate what God continues to do among the Bhojpuri. The Bhojpuri church planting movement has been a model and inspiration for many for the last two decades. Please join us and support the efforts of ASSI through your prayers and generous giving. Please pray for the following:

  • For ASSI leadership, the local leaders and pastors as they work to fulfill God’s purpose. Pray for their health and safety.
  • Against all confusion being created by some people to mislead by creating another conference one week before the Bhojpuri conference. Pray that the presence of God would prevail during the conference.
  • For security and safety of all the participants, even as they travel from various parts of India. For the favorable weather during the conference.
  • For all who will be teaching the Word of God in the conference.
  • For the Security clearance and permission from Police, Fire & other concerned departments.
  • Please pray so that God would provide competent and the desired number of Volunteers for the conference.
  • For God’s provision of the required funds for the conference; we are really short of what is needed and we are just 4 weeks away from the conference.
  • For all the committee members and volunteers so that they can work together as a team to make this conference a success.
  • For accommodation for the participants.
  • That the conference will become a source of blessing and as a result we may see the manifold growth in Church Planting Movement.
  • For the 600 plus Community Learning Centers (CLC) which have become access points. Pray that it will accelerate the process of CPM even as we are nearing our goal of reaching 30 million by 2018

Here are some of the awesome things God is doing in India!

  • Vijay is one of our leaders. One day as he was praying in his house, some people brought two women- a mother and daughter who were completely insane and were not willing to put on clothes. They were a big problem for their family members. Vijay seizing this opportunity started praying for both of them and they calmed down and started feeling well. After one week, both of them (mother and daughter) received complete healing and now they are testifying to others how Jesus has healed them. This incident reminds us what happened with the man who was healed from demonic spirit in Mark Chapter 5.
  • Hosila is one of our CLC leaders.  He prayed for a woman named Nirjala who was bitten by a poisonous snake. She received immediate healing as she was prayed over. The nearest hospital was very far from her village but trusting God brought healing to her from snake poison and now she has become a witness in her neighborhood.
  • In R. village a man who was violently opposed to Christ came to the house church to put a stop to the gatherings there.  But soon that man became very sick, so he called the church people to pray for him and asked for forgiveness. He was prayed for and received healing immediately after the prayer and now he not only allowed that church to continue to conduct their services but he himself started testifying about Jesus.
  • In Delhi a women was leading an adulterous life and nobody was able to counsel or help her but after coming to one of the meetings, she was touched by God.  She went back home and started sharing with everyone about what the Lord has done for her just like the story of Samaritan Woman she is becoming an instrument to reach to her own community.
  • Ravi, a CLC leader, went to Orissa for his personal work where he met one of the local pastors who was so depressed because of his ministry was not growing. He was working hard to reach out to the people but he was unsuccessful. Ravi taught him the CLC strategy. He led him to start Community Learning Centers in the new places. The teaching was effective, and started to make an impact in the community. After one month people were aware about the CLC and started to meet the pastor. Now there are around 15 people gathered for the fellowship. He is so thankful to ASSI for encouraging him and showing him the way to continue his ministry.