Connection Pointe has supported two works in South America for decades. Bruce and Alice Higham work with the Ayore, Bruce E and Cindy Higham, Nathan and Noah work with the Maco. (Bruce E is the son of Bruce and Alice.) On Saturday October 20, the Living Room was crowded with people hearing from these two families in person.

Here’s why we were inspired:

  • Both families are involved heavily in Bible translation, and we heard Romans 12:1-2 in both languages spoken fluently by Alice and Bruce E. Those who know the heart language that well also know the hearts of the people they serve.
  • I have a Maco New Testament at my desk and will seek an Ayore New Testament once it is printed next year. Much of the Old Testament has also been translated and work continues.
  • Bruce E has not resided in the Maco area for years because of in-country instabilities. Yet he travels faithfully a few times each year and keeps up with the translation work with a teammate and on-the-ground translation team of Maco believers.
  • Bruce and Alice brought report of 600 Ayore meeting together this summer to celebrate God’s work among them in two separate countries. This could not have happened a few decades ago when the highest honor in Ayore society was to kill each other. Today, the honor is to glorify God together. Now there’s a powerful story of transformation!

The Highams are quiet people, unassuming, humble and confident. Remember to pray for these families as they serve in powerful ways that will leave a legacy outliving them, resulting in many coming to Christ.

Til next week,