I’ve been quiet the last few weeks because of a life event. A new family member was born! Connie and I went to Seattle to meet this little one, born March 26. Connie was in the room at the birth while I posted myself in the hallway by the sign, “For safety of staff and patients, no standing in the hall.” Hahaha. None of the staff enforced that policy. They just smiled at me, the expectant grandpa.

The text came from Connie, “We have a grandson!”, about the time I heard his first cry. I cried. I heard all the commotion from the room through the closed door. The nurse said, “He’s perfect!” Why yes, he was. At that moment, a lifelong desire had been fulfilled. The name Crum would go another generation. Our twig of the family tree was still growing. As my son Josiah said, when Linnea went into labor, “Let’s twig.”

When my son came out of the room to personally give me the news, we embraced and both teared up. Josiah was proud to say, “His name is Dakota Josiah Crum.” Love it! “North Dakota or South?” Hahaha. “Yes,” said Josiah. I thought of my dad, who passed away early 2017. He would have enjoyed this moment (and my joke) every bit as much. He left a legacy of his own (link here to a post about him in early 2017by how he lived. But now, here’s a different legacy; a name.

In the pictures below you see 6 generations of Crum men. Josiah posted this on his facebook page on Easter:

Feeling proud to be a Crum

Top photo (Taken 1960)

  • Benjamin Oren Crum born 1869
  • Dexter Huber Crum born 1898
  • James Dexter Crum born 1926
  • Bruce Edward Crum born 1952
  • Daniel James Crum born 1959


Photo taken last week…

  • Daniel James Crum born 1959
  • Josiah Daniel Crum born 1987
  • Dakota Josiah Crum born last week

I believe every culture embraces new life. I have seen in many cultures the bonding that happens around those that share a family name. While we don’t have a choice on which family we are born into, we do have a choice on how we add to the family legacy. Josiah is feeling proud to be a Crum, as am I. We both want to live well so Dakota embraces this name too. As followers of Christ, for several generations now, we embrace the name Christian (“little Christ”) that has shaped the name of Crum in so many positive ways.

Next week, back to the global beatitudes…