While it is truly a gift, we realize that not everyone has a chance to meet their sponsored child. However, one of the most important things to keep in mind is that the children are real people desiring a connection. If you’re not able to meet face to face, writing to your sponsored child and remembering them at special times can still build a relationship. We’ve seen how children value the letters and pictures from sponsors hanging on their walls. Have you reached out to your sponsored child lately?

By Jon and Rachael on meeting their sponsored children:
Through the years our family has sponsored children through various programs as a way to help share the many blessings God has given us. While it has always been nice to help others, it has honestly felt just a little bit distant, not necessarily something that was a part of our daily lives. We never had that personal feeling and strong connection. Back in January our family decided to sponsor two girls through the Connection Pointe and Vision Trust partnership. This has been a whole new experience for us. Our family was actually able to meet the girls, Tati and Cristel, on a week-long mission trip to Guatemala in January this year where we established a strong connection with both. We have learned so much! There is such a difference between looking at the photo of a child and reading a few sentences about him or her and having that child jump in your arms for a hug or seeing his or her face light up with a smile when they see you come into the classroom. Now we not only know the names of our sponsor children, but we have talked, played and prayed with them. We have shared our love of Jesus with them in a very real way. We have met their families and been invited into their homes… In essence we have been able to personally share in their lives, and they in ours. This really has made all the difference. Now we have been to see the girls on two mission trips so far and are already looking forward to the next. It really is about the connection!