Part of our Kenya team’s mission was to spend three days with teachers at the Madoya school providing professional development in reading comprehension. Our time at the school has come to a close and we are experiencing a wide array of emotions.

Awe: The teachers and staff of Madoya are amazing!  We have learned just as much from them as they have from us… possibly more!

Joy: The love and joy that we have experienced in the past four days is more than we could have ever imagined. The Madoya staff provided us an amazing and humbling example of what the love of Christ looks like in action. Love towards us, the children, and the community.

Sadness: Our time at Madoya felt far too short. The staff said that they would reluctantly let us go, but they would prefer we extend our time to another week. Our hearts agree.

At our farewell celebration the school manager prayed that God would continue to grow the relationship between Connection Pointe Christian Church and the Madoya school. He prayed for new friends and return visitors. He asked that we join with him in that prayer.

The Madoya school sends their love and thanks to all of Connection Pointe.