Day 1 in the Slums – This was a day filled with meeting new people, visiting Village One and learning about all aspects of Missions of Hope. The vision is to transform a valley of darkness into a mountain of hope. All of this is founded on the power of the transformational power of the gospel. It happens one person at a time.
Day 2 in Mathare Valley – We started with a surprise birthday celebration for Elainna. The school sang to her and presented her with a special cake. It even had sugar which is a rare treat. The teachers then served the children with the cake. We are constantly amazed by the hospitality we are shown. We came to tend His sheep (John 21:15-17), but we are being tended to by our friends.
Kirsten, Elainna and Don were very busy sharing the books we carried to Madoya for the teachers and their new library. “The children are amazing” would be the big take away from our teachers. 40 children sitting in a room made for 12, focused on their work and responsive to their teachers is a small example of why we are amazed. There is very little in the slums that demonstrates hope but these schools are that hope.
The teachers and staff are clearly devoted to the vision of these centers. We say “centers” because they do more than teach. They feed the children 2 meals a day, visit the families to define their needs, establish post test clubs for HIV AIDs and establish community development projects.
Day 3 will be an opportunity for sharing the new books with the children and teaching some lessons.

We appreciate your continued prayers for the staff of the Madoya school and the wonderful work they are doing.
See some of our new friends below…