Kenya Update:

A few weeks ago a fire destroyed the boys middle school dorm at Joska. Joska is the boarding school that takes students once they are out of elementary school. It’s a safe place where kids go and get a great education. Joska gives kids the chance to get out of the Mathare  Valley slum. It’s amazing how many students come out of Joska and score very high on their exams making them eligible for a job that will help them escape poverty.

The good news about the fire is that none of the boys were injured. While many of them lost most of what they owned they are in the process of rebuilding the dorm. Many of the boys have returned to Joska and are sleeping in other areas of the property (classrooms and other buildings). They are in good spirits and know that one day everything will return to normal! Please pray for the kids and staff at Joska.

Here’s a note from Mary & Wallace about the event.

We continue to face many challenges amidst the transformation. In September 2012, the High School boys dormitory at Joska was burned to the ground. The fire was thorough, leaving scraps where boys once slept. The circumstances were diisheartening, but we refuse to give up. We are greatly encouraged by the response from our partners, and continue to receive gifts given through CMF to go towards the Joska Boys Center.

If you’d like to help here’s how you can be a part of helping them rebuild….